Monday, July 13, 2015

Keep On Following

This is Cindy posting on the blog today.

I have been pondering so many things these past few weeks, especially since the SCOTUS decision at the end of June. It seems that our world is going downhill as super speed. Our culture is becoming increasingly self-focused, moving farther and farther away from God.  My first reaction to the SCOTUS ruling: We are all doomed! Our nation is going down the drain! We are done! I know, a little dramatic, right?

Then it hit me. I am a Christ follower. I have the Holy Spirit living in me. I have God’s Word to give me comfort and guidance. For a few minutes I had forgotten an important fact—God is sovereign and everything that happens is ordained by God. Everything that happens is ordained by God. EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS ORDAINED BY GOD!

If I know that God is in control, what should be my response? Should I sit back and let God do His thing? Should I passively watch as the world continues to go awry? This is not the response God requires of His children. What should we do?

In John 15:18-25, Jesus tell His disciples they will face persecutions. The world hates the gospel. As followers of Christ, we will also face persecution. People will hate us because of what we stand for. People will call us haters because we cannot agree with their behaviors. We will be accused of being judgmental because we refuse to accept their way of life. But as followers of Christ we are called to stand apart, no matter the cost. But not only that, we are called to love others, especially our enemies. We are called to be witnesses to the sacrifice of love Christ made for us.

 I truly believe that the recent events point to Christ’s eminent return. He may return in my lifetime, but it may be many years, even centuries before His return. Even so, we should feel an urgency to spread the gospel. We should feel the urgency about strengthening our resolve to stand strong for the cause of Christ. We should fee the urgency to pray for our world that people would turn toward the One True God. We should be reckless in our obedience to follow Jesus.

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