Monday, July 28, 2014


My great adventure with God has arrived at a familiar place. I'm waiting. It's happened before. And God's timing is always right. This blog will be about that time of waiting and what happens after.

It's hard to wait and not try to "fix it." Every time I decide to wait (as if I had a choice), my mind begins to list things I need to do. Ways I can move the waiting time along.

I listen and analyze those thoughts, looking for His leading. But most often it's me trying to get things done.

When I get in that mode, the example that comes to mind is the patriarchal couple Abraham and Sarah. You can read about the core of their story in Genesis 15-21. God made a covenant that Abraham would be the father of many nations, his offspring would be a numerous as the stars. Just one problem. Abraham had no children. Sarah was barren. They were both well-past childbearing years.

But God promised it and they believed it. Then they looked at the circumstances and decided to move along the promise, to cut short the waiting. Sarah told Abraham to have a child with her slave. That would be the way to fulfill God’s promise. They followed the plan; Hagar, the slave, had a son. And the trouble started.

Later, when God fulfilled His promise through His power, the trouble intensified. Trouble continues today through Hagar’s descendants (Arabs) and Sarah’s descendants (Jews).

I do not want to “fix” the waiting time. I will listen. I will work at what I know I should do. I will wait.