Friday, July 3, 2015

But If Not

Do you remember sermons? I remember concepts but rarely do I remember long parts of sermons. I may go back and read notes from sermons - and then I remember more specifics. But there's one sermon that I remember that I have no notes for. A sermon from our previous pastor, not our current one. Evidently a sermon that I must need to remember.

The passage: Daniel 3. The story: A king builds a statue that all should worship. Three men of God do not. The king says that a fiery furnace awaits if they will not bow down. He gives then another chance. They refuse. He tosses them in the overheated furnace. They are delivered. He recognizes that their God is the mighty God.

But the sermon didn't focus on the deliverance. It focused on the men's response to the king when he questioned them. They said that God could rescue them from the furnace and the king. Then they said: "But if not, we will not serve other gods or worship your statue."

But if not....

Those words have echoed in my head throughout this past year. God can do ______ but if not we will still praise Him.

I can think of wonderful ways for God to move in our lives. I can hear of an opportunity and create a grandiose plan for what will happen. I sometimes ask for a sign that I'm on the right track. Sometimes I struggle with what's happening. I'm not sure what or why things are happening the way they are.

However, God is still God. He will deliver and He will guide.

But if not.

I know that God is still Sovereign. He still is on His throne. And we will praise and trust Him.

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