Friday, April 24, 2015

My G-Mail

Dear God,

I'm waiting. You know that I'm waiting. I'm listening. Well...I'm trying to listen or at least I say that I'm listening. Mostly I'm doing lots of things and occasionally praying. And trying to impose what I think You want me to do. Yeah, there's that. I'm definitely doing that.

But I want to listen. Show me how to really tune into You and Your will. Oh, Your Word. I read it. Most of the time. Meditate on it? Not so much.

So.... I don't really listen. I don't focus on Your Word. I try to pursue my own ideas and pass them off as Yours.

Yeah. I see.

Forgive me, God, that I've not made the most of this time You've given me. Help me to truly listen. To truly meditate on Your Word. To truly wait in the manner You desire.

I'm waiting, God. And it's good.

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