Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Jesus Is Risen
It's Easter, the most holy day in Christianity. We ponder the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of our faith.

As I read through the Scriptures, I am struck by the expectations of the disciples and followers of Jesus and how those compare to the reality of what happened.

Recently I was reading about the disciples on the road to Emmaus. After the crucifixion and resurrection, these two traveling followers were discussing all that had happened in Jerusalem. Jesus, unrecognized, began walking with them and asking what they were discussing.

In their discussion they said, "We were hoping that He (Jesus) was the One who was about to redeem Israel." (Luke 24:21)

That statement struck me. Essentially, they were saying: "We thought He was the One who would fulfill all our expectations."

Jesus did redeem Israel (and the world) through His death. But His death and resurrection were not what the followers were expecting. They were expecting a more earthly deliverance from their oppressors.

Jesus then spoke to these two disciples, showing them the true work of the Messiah through the Scriptures.

As is my habit, I pondered the words of this passage. I pondered that, in the midst of great redemption, these two disciples still focused on their lesser expectations.

That happens so much to us. I wrote about it in the previous post, focusing on smaller pieces rather than the big picture. God offers redemption and reconciliation with Him. We focus on our small struggles now. God offers peace and rest. We want just a little more financial security.

Our expectations are so small. God's provision is superabundantly large.

I don't want to pray for my expectations. I want to marvel at His overwhelming gifts.

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