Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What About Him?

 In John 21, Peter and the disciples went fishing. It's after the resurrection but the men seemed to be unsure what to do next. They caught no fish but Jesus appeared on the shore and told them to cast their nets again on the right side of the boat. They hauled in 153 large fish!

After breakfast Jesus talked with Peter. He restored Peter, telling him three times to feed the sheep/lambs. He also told about the kind of death that Peter will have.

Peter turned around and saw John there behind them. When Peter saw him, he said to Jesus, “Lord — what about him? (John 21:21) Peter had heard Jesus' words about his future. He wanted to know if John would have a similar fate. Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? As for you, follow Me.” Jesus reminded Peter that they were talking about Peter, not John.

We often ask a similar question: Why him? Why not me? Why is this happening to me? Why do good things happen to her and I get this? What about them? Will they face difficulties? Will they have it easy?

How tempting it is for us to spend our time looking at others--comparing circumstances and blessings and struggles. I'm having this problem but she's just skating through life. I'm looking for a job or working twice as hard but everything just falls right for him with no effort. Why am I facing this battle? Why must things always be so much more difficult for me than for him or her?

We may not know the whys of someone's story. We often do not know why a blessing or burden falls one way or the other. But also don't know another's struggles or challenges. Maybe that high level job is costing him time - away from his family. What seems like her good fortune may be a test of her faith or a way for her to grow spiritually. Maybe. Perhaps. We don't know the story.

But we do know that God is God. God's work in someone else's life has nothing to do with His work in mine. God's generous gifts are for Him to give. Why does God's generosity and favor on someone else make us feel cheated? God took nothing from us to give to them. He took nothing from them to give to us. Often we are too busy looking at what He's done for someone else that we overlook the generous blessings He is pouring out on us.

Is God faithful? Does He provide? Is He sovereign? Does He reign? Is He God?

Thank Him. Know that He is giving us what we need to grow. Trust Him.

Keep eyes on God and not on those around us.

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