Friday, October 30, 2015

God Is Good to Us

This past year has been an interesting time for us. I (Scott) keep seeing and experiencing things that remind me that God's timing is perfect and that things "just" keep happening at the "right time." (Sorry about all the quotation marks; they just seemed right for emphasis.)

I'll read something to prepare for my Bible study that connects exactly with what I'm experiencing. I'll wonder or worry about something and see an answer on TV or as I'm driving. Someone will make a comment to me at just the right moment. I'll start to fret over what I'm doing and receive a note from someone complimenting me on my work. All these things "just" happen when they need to happen for me.

The most recent one of these things just happened. I've been struggling with something personally. I sat and prayed to God, both aloud and in writing, about this. I kept praying and thinking and writing and praying.... Then I saw my Bible. It's not the Bible I read every day or take to church. It's a Bible that stays in my office, beside my reading chair. I'll read it from time to time when I'm in the office (or use it for reference when needed for my work).

I pulled the Bible toward me and opened it. I didn't know where to read. Psalms, I thought. That's usually a good place for lamenting and for answers.

I opened the Bible to the middle and the pages fell open to a particular passage. There was a card in this place. (I often stick things in my Bibles, for various reasons.) Okay, I thought, this is the place. I began reading the pages that were marked there. Some great verses, ones that connected to me. I shifted the Bible a little and the card slid out. Then I noticed there was writing on it. I read the words, a verse on those pages that I hadn't read yet. A verse that directly applied to what I was feeling and facing.

Now, I don't know when I wrote that verse down and stuck the card in the Bible. No idea how many months or years ago that was. I don't really know why I wrote down that verse, except it is a good one to remember. But I knew I wrote it down for this moment. How do I know? Because God led me to it. I'm going to place that card with the verse close to my desk, where I can see it daily, for a while. Not only to help me as I think about my current situation but to remind me that God's timing it always right on time. And to remind me that the ways I obey and listen now will impact me in the weeks and months ahead.

Someone once told me that we shouldn't use "coincidences" but instead should say "God-incidences."

His ways are perfect and He's always right on time.

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