Monday, October 31, 2016

Be Not Do

When you think of God's will, what do you think about? What does that mean? Often I (Scott) think of what God wants me to do - what actions does He desire, what work should I do?

But I'm learning more and more (over and over) that God's will is less about doing and more about being.
You do not want sacrifice, or I would give it;
You are not pleased with a burnt offering.
The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit.
God, You will not despise a broken and humble heart.
 (Psalm 51:26-27)
David wrote that God did not want him to give an offering - to do something. God desired a humble heart - to be something. 

We are easily caught up in doing for God. We go to church and do our worship. We help people and work at other things. We check our boxes and know that we have served God.

But we can do all those things and still be far from God. We can sing songs and give money and read the Bible--all while our hearts are far from Him. We can do all those things and never even think about Him. 

We can feed the hungry and bind the wounds of the hurt. We can build houses and care for children. But all kinds of organizations do those things, too - organizations that have nothing to do with God.

God's will is not doing; it's being.

Our hearts must be broken and humble. We must connect with Him and glorify Him, not through what we do but through our realization that we are nothing without Him.

God's will is for us to glorify Him - to praise Him because He is God, the Creator and the Fulfiller. Our worship and our service flow from our connection to Him. 

As I write, these words seem inadequate to communicate the thoughts. But I see a lot of doing going on - both in my own life and in the world around me. We are busy. We are working. We are doing.

But are we listening. Are we heeding? Are we broken and humble at the sight of Almighty God?

Oh, God. Grant that I may BE more than I DO.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


You'd think that I (Scott) could learn and remember the lessons that I've encountered in our current journey. Apparently not. I mentioned in my last posts that I am a slow learner. Or I'm a re-learner. Here are a few things that God keeps needed to teach me.

Be content. I know we're where God wants us right now. But sometimes it seems like we're in a holding pattern. I want to be or do something else. I want something to change. But I must remember that being content means resting and even growing where we are now. Being content is feeling pleasure and satisfaction RIGHT WHERE I AM, and being happy to be here - with no promise of anything ever changing.

God is faithful. We have seen God provide again and again. Sometimes we don't know exactly how we have what we need. But we always have. So why do we wonder or stress when things happen? I look over the past year. I had someone contact me about writing articles for their site. Contact me unsolicited. I've been writing things for this site for several months. It's similar to the things I already write, but different enough to challenge me. I've picked up other duties for another site for which I work. And recently I applied - and got - a contract editor position for a third site; this one is a completely different topic from education or preschool but something I love to do. I continue to get writing assignments from my main client and have picked up a contract editing job from them, too. God is faithful; He is supplying. Why do I worry and doubt?

Redefine success. If success is teaching in a classroom, then I've failed. But if success is following the purpose that God has given - which is to help educate children - then I'm doing okay. Sometimes...well often...our purpose is fulfilled in ways that are different than we imagine. I've often prayed, "God I want to be used by You, for Your purpose." But recently I read this: The aim is to do His will, not be useful. (from My Utmost for His Highest) Success is defined by Him and not by me. I must do His will and not get caught up in what I must do to succeed.

My word for 2016 has been PURPOSE. When I chose it in January, I didn't know how important it would be. God has been refining my purpose and helping me know just what that purpose is.

Oh, there are other lessons that I must continue to But God is a patient teacher.